IIBIS Policies

Acknowledgment of the Center:  Published data obtained using facility equipment should include an acknowledgment of "Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences".

Text descriptions of the Facility are also available for researchers wishing to describe the Facility in grant applications, and IIBIS can provide letters of consultation or collaboration, as needed. As we use the quantity of publications and grant applications involving the Facility to justify our productivity to the various entities that subsidize the Facility, we ask that users supply us with an updated list of publications and grant applications using the Facility every 6 months.

Confidentiality: Data generated by the Core is kept on a secure server with access to core personnel only. 

Conflict resolution: If a resolution cannot be reached at the core director level, the issue will be taken to the core advisory committee for discussion and resolution.

Cost recovery/payment policy: If recovery of payment becomes an issue, the Radiology business managers will contact the customer and/or their department to collect charges owed. If there is a dispute in charges, the conflict resolution policy above will be followed.

Prioritization of work: Core studies or services will be on a first come first serve basis. In the event that there is a back-log of studies or conflict in schedulnig, services will be prioritized based on the following guidelines:  

Project priority levels will be assigned as follows:

  1. Extramural Grant Funded Research 
  2. Intramural and/or Industry Funded Research 
  3. Standard of Care Diagnostic Scans Unrelated to Research
  4. Funded Pilot or Development Projects 
  5. Unfunded Pilot or Development Projects 


Additional Policies:


Scan Cancellation Charge Dispute Form (Email completed form to

Development Project Policy

Research Development Policy

Patient Supervision Policy



MRI Safety Training: 

 All Radiology Staff and regular visitors should complete the MRI SAFETY Quiz annually at the following link: 

Please contact IIBIS for more information on IIBIS Imaging Core policies.


IIBIS Imaging Hours of Operation

8 AM-5:30 PM Monday-Friday.

Studies that cannot be completed by end of business hours may be rescheduled unless prior authorization for overtime scanning has been approved by IIBIS management.

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