IIBIS Research Development Initiative

Could your preclinical, translational or clinical research be enhanced by novel in vivo imaging?  Do you need to increase the likelihood of getting your research into high impact journals and be more competitive for extramural funding?  Do you need biomarkers that can help facilitate translation of your experimental therapy from animal models to humans?  But, you need help with funding to establish the feasibility of imaging in your research?   If you answered yes to any of these questions then contact us. IIBIS has created a research development initiative (IIBIS-RDI) designed to assist investigators with the collection of key preliminary data required for the submission of competitive extramural grant applications.  Of particular interest are projects that can be classified as high risk / high reward.  

Through the IIBIS-RDI the cost for imaging studies utilizing the IIBIS in vivo imaging core facilities will be covered by IIBIS.   Funding for elements of the proposed research that fall outside of the scope of imaging services provided by IIBIS will be the responsibility of the investigator.   IIBIS-RDI support can be coupled with other pilot study programs such as those provided through the Indiana CTSI, the IUSM Strategic Research Initiative, and our academic institutions (IUPUI, IU, Purdue) in order to maximally leverage the limited resources available through those programs.  

Applications will be accepted on a rolling submission basis and will be reviewed for approval on the basis of scientific merit, feasibility, and preliminary data needs for the target grant application.   Investigators interested in the IIBIS-RDI are encouraged to contact the IIBIS office for research imaging (ORI) to initiate project discussions, get more information about this program, and obtain the IIBIS-RDI application template.

Contact ORI

Download: IIBIS- RDI Application Instructions

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