2/26/2013 NEW SCANNERS!

IIBIS is proud to announce the addition of two new scanners, a Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T MRI & Siemens Biograph mCT, to our lineup of state of the art imaging equipment available to investigators and industry at IU.

Our research-dedicated Siemens MAGNETOM Skya 3T 70cm bore whole body scanner is located at IU Health Neuroscience Center of Excellence Goodman Hall. Key features include: XQ-gradient providing gradient strength up to 45 mT/m (72 mT/m effective), slew rate up to 200 T/m/s (346 T/m/s effective), up to 50 cm FOV and AudioComfort noise reduction; RF system with 64 receive channels supporting up to 204 coil elements; multiple RF coils including a 32-channel dedicated head coil, a 20-channel Head and Neck Coil as well as an array of other anatomy coils (neck, cardiac, etc.); Syngo D11 software with InLine Automated Processing, Auto Align slice positioning, Phoenix image reproducibility, Intelligent Coil Control auto coil position detection, full suite of imaging techniques (inline 3D and SSH EPI fMRI, up to 512 direction DTI/DSI, SWI, etc.), syngo advanced imaging applications, iPAT2 utilizing mSENSE and GRAPPA technologies to increase image quality and reduce susceptibility artifacts. IDEA and ICE development environment and analysis packages are also available.

The research dedicated Biograph mCT, also located at IU Health Neuroscience Center of Excellence Goodman Hall, brings accurate and reproducible quantification to PET·CT imaging by ensuring that each element of the measurement chain is optimized. Starting with the industry’s highest volumetric image resolution*, Biograph mCT features unique daily quality control, SMART registration technologies and intelligent software to bring accuracy and reproducibility to PET·CT imaging. In addition, innovative CARE technologies ensure the lowest possible dose is administered. With the new Biograph mCT, now you can detect, characterize and monitor the tiniest cancer lesions with reproducible quantification, making cancer treatment more cost effective. Now you can quantify absolute myocardial blood flow, helping physicians to make more accurate treatment decisions, minimizing risk to your patients. Now you can quantify** amyloid deposits in the brain, making dementia evaluation possible, potentially slowing disease progression.

Both systems were installed 2012 and are now fully operational. Please contact for information on how your study can begin utilizing these new resources.


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